We cant pick a way to encourage them often

//We cant pick a way to encourage them often

We cant pick a way to encourage them often

We cant pick a way to encourage them often

I would end up being happier for of one’s almost every other WWM so you’re able to processor chip inside the having any experience on the other hand, especially observation on nuts, but in my personal opinion, they cannot make use of them such as for example say such, pelagic fish. Possibly they harks using their life, residing commune that have anemones, and you will rarely making their tentacles, it is really not a habits replicated in the open. When your clowns might have a sickness, I suggest you check bullet WWM and check out and you may choose what exactly is get/might possibly be and take you to advice on a course of therapy. We won’t believe in a solution shrimp helping.

Cleaner Organisms 1/2/08 Hey Crew, Is there any biological cleaner organisms I can put in my tank with a large Lionfish?

I have a large Raccoon Butterfly in there with some sort of white, wormlike, burrowing parasite on his side, but I can’t think of anything I can put in there that wouldn’t become an appetizer. Or are lions smart enough not to eat cleaner gobies/shrimp/etc? <> Jim

We currently have six Lysmata shrimp about container

Cleaner Wrasse or Cleaner Shrimp? 4/ Hey what’s up, I just bought and undulate triggerfish from my LFS and it is doing fine. It is in a tank with a green wolf eel and a tesselata or honeycomb moray. I was wondering if I could put a cleaner wrasse or cleaner shrimp in the tank with them? Would they eat it or recognize that it is doing no harm and let it clean them? Which one would I have the best luck with them not eating it? (The wrasse or the Shrimp) Thanks for the info!!

Natural predator for parasites. Shades of an SNL skit. Could You be More Vague? 3/ Hi crew, Is there a predator that will feed off parasites including those nasty slugs that feeds on corals especially SPS? Thanks https://datingranking.net/nl/mocospace-overzicht/ Mohamed

Re: Natural predator for unnamed parasites 3/ Hi Mich, No, I do not know the scientific or common names. I’m referring to them in general, all parasites and slugs that eat SPS. Thanks Mohamed

Cleaner Goby et alpatibility I want to try to keep a cleaner goby, but what risks do I run into by keeping it with a porcupine puffer and a Sebae anemone. I read your FAQs and don’t want to use a cleaner wrasse and shrimp would possibly become a treat for the puffer. What is your opinion on what I should do. Cleaner Gobies Needed? Thank you! Two peppermints, two skunk cleaners and two fire shrimp. The shrimp are about the same size as the fish and the fish don’t allow themselves to be cleaned. Would they allow a cleaner goby to approach them? << I think they would. It often takes a few days, but eventually they do. Plus the captive raised gobies are just so much healthier and do so well. >> I can’t thank all you guys enough! Narayan << Blundell >>

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